I’ve collected several amazing shots of the sky in the past month or so. Thought I’d share them. They’re just iphone pics, and {I’m pretty sure} no filters or instagram treatments. 🙂

From the pasture gate, I was enjoying this view when I heard a plane:

Bet his view is better.

Sometimes it’s soft pastels with a bright core of sunset:

Sometimes it’s deep, bold and rich:

I pulled the screen off the bathroom window for this one. Worth it.

When the clouds are just right, there’s a reflected ‘sunset’ to the east. Not a fan of my desert landscape, but the sky is pretty:

Looking southeast, sunset behind my right shoulder.

Sometimes it’s a bright haze and a sinking fireball:


This was Independence Day, and my visiting parents (who hail from where there is only occasionally sunlight, let alone sunset) were in awe of the range of colors displayed as we viewed the sky (not even the sun-setting part) from the back porch:

Looking North. Sunset to my left. Jesus help my lawn.

Another pasture view. Cool colors tonight:

I can see my roof.

Sometimes running out to irrigate is a terrible drain on my time and energy. But God gives gifts anyways:

View from the pasture.

The same sunset. So beautiful:

Horizon on fire.

I love this silhouette shot of my dad:

My dad, Independence Day.

This one was an attempt to recreate what I had with my dad’s pic, and just happened to capture the takeoff of one of Hubby’s bottle rockets:

Hubby, adding to a festive sky.

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