Not me (at least, not any more than usual), but everything else!

A month ago or more I ruined the lawnmower. It may or may not have had anything to do with trying to swath (a trail through) the pasture…

Tractor laughingstock of the neighborhood, no doubt!

The washer needed new dogs again (the little grippy things that run the agitator), but I had bought the wrong kind when I’d ordered months ago in expectation of the failure.

The dishwasher has been unused for a couple months. I fixed it a year or so ago, but now that I have done it once, I’m not very motivated to try again (or get Hubby to). It makes a nice dish rack though. *sigh*

Hubby, in an incident I’m not at liberty to share, apparently electrocuted the house when the girls and I were gone for the weekend to see Gi-gi (for the first time in several months). Our new oven was fried.

Mmm.. bacon!

And then, searching online for a wiring diagram to print and diagnose the oven problem, it turned out the printer/copier was fried too.

He tore it apart and found a blown thingamajig on the electronics board of the power supply (complete with charring and scorch marks). Giving up and getting nowhere with the power company (I did not yet know Hubby was at the bottom of this. 🙂 ), we sat down to watch a Redbox DVD. To find the DVD player was fried. At least that was just a blown fuse that anyone can redneck-rig…

The yellow wire is bypassing the blown fuse. Do not try this at home, not recommended, etc etc.

The screen on my laptop is really wonky right now. There is pink and blue, and I can sometimes get it to go away by bending the corner of the screen one way or another.


On our way to visit Gi-gi, I had a repeat of the engine misfiring at high speeds (twice), as happened last spring, the last time I used a freeway. I made an appointment to have the dealer hook it up to a diagnostic for $100. Instead of the suspected problem, it turned out that the front tires were too worn/damaged (which tricked the computer into thinking it was a misfire?). They offered to put new ones on for just under $900. *cough* I knew I’d bought new tires not THAT long ago, so declined in order to follow up with possible warranty replacement at the other place (which, thankfully, had also been done in Gi-gi’s city.). There was some warranty they could credit me (70,000 tires worn out on a van, bought used, that only had 65,000 miles on it), and they didn’t charge for alignment (the reason the front tires were haywire) or balance, but it was still just over $500. Whew.

I’m not sure what to do with the pellet stove and coming seasonal shift. It needs its venting system redone to work properly, and I wouldn’t mind jerking up the whole hearth area, living room carpet, etc. and putting some kind of different floor in there (what was that about being overwhelmed and overworked and too many projects?).

While we’re at it, the furnace we moved last winter is in the garage with no air exchange to the house. This is EXPENSIVE, both to operate (pulling COLD air from the garage, poorly filtered, pushing harder into the house), and to have an air exchange installed (custom sheet metal stuff, filter housing, estimated $700 last I asked).

So the tires/engine problem is fixed. The washer has proper new dogs, Hubby is installing a $250 relay board in the oven (as we speak type) that was delivered via FedEx this morning, after fighting with Brother (love their printers, not their policy) I ordered a replacement part from the “local” (135 miles away) authorized service guy, the dishwasher, pellet stove, furnace, DVD player and computer screen aren’t really on the to-do list yet. Hubby keeps talking about a bearing housing for the lawnmower but until he gets much more specific I can’t help him much. 🙂

{And… I have a working oven!}