Organique, brave girl

This is from a few days ago. Organique loves helping me in the pasture, and she found a weed with a yellow jacket nest attached.

Weed grass glistening

Towards the end of the trek, my ‘farm truck’ waits. Some kind of weed grass glistens brightly. Bad news but gorgeous.

Scotch thistle

I chopped this thistle, after appreciating its beauty in waning light. I don’t bother chopping the Canadian thistles unless they’re almost to bloom (or just bloomed) and then I chop them leaving about 6″ of stem on the root. They put out root runners like crazy, and any stress to the plant just incites more of them. Any blooming plant has most of its plant energy *up* in the plant, so it’s a good time to pull tough weeds. If you chop a Canadian thistle shorter or taller than about 6″, it’ll put out side shoots and make even more blossoms/seeds.

Red Clover!

More red clover! Two years ago there was almost NO red clover in the pasture (I could think of one plant along the neighbor’s fence). Irrigating and good grazing/rotation has really brought it back and I’m so pleased.


The above is a rock chuck trail. It’s quite a well-worn path, which I don’t remember seeing in lush grass (often in the dry stuff). I drown them out routinely (or try to) but they’ve taken to the high, dry ground and relocate temporarily to the rock pile at the north end of the pasture when the floods come. Oh, also that’s my wide, peasant-style shadow. Hm.


That’s milkweed, and milkweed beetles. We don’t seem to get monarch caterpillars, but these things abound (as evidenced by the above fornication). They’re a beautiful metallic green/blue. The milkweed is a weed, but I let it stay.


And a self-portrait with my new bug-eye sunglasses. The girls (or I) lost my sporty robo-cop glasses and I balked at a $16 price tag when I first shopped for replacements. I found these at a discount store; they had about 5 pairs on display, all the same style/shape but different color/material. They were $5.
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