Lately – and by that I mean the past year or so – God has been speaking to my heart about law, and grace, and relationship, and perspective.

~Making “grass angels.”

If the New Covenant is … Well, new, why do I still try to measure up to a standard, to law (which was the Old Covenant)?

I’m finding that I have operated and thought more like someone trying to fulfill the law – via Jesus and His grace, of course. Ahem. – when we have a big ol’ Book that tells us how we can’t manage that.

I want to be free. It was for freedom that He set us free! I still don’t ‘get’ most of it, I don’t know how to live and walk in it, but I trust He will lead and show me.

This is a podcast by a British guy named Anthony Chapman. I heard something about him and searched in the iTunes Store. He shows up in several podcasts and this sermon is given in one fashion or another in many places. This is a fairly brief version, but a meaty one nonetheless. If you ever feel condemned, that your sin and falling short are just too much to overcome, please listen. Of you ever “don’t measure up” to your (or someone else’s) ideal, this is for you (and me).


This is essentially the same message but goes deeper into scripture, and the difference between intimacy with the Law and intimacy with Jesus. If the other one left you with some questions, follow up with this one. šŸ™‚

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