I finally got up the courage to call my dairy neighbor to see if he might have any upcoming unclaimed bull calves, as Big Sister has expressed a desire to bottle raise one to sell.

To my surprise he had one ready and waiting, so I readied the playhouse barn and got a bag of milk replacer for $73 (!!!) on the way. We loaded him into the van livestock transport unit and brought him home.

The girls keep calling him Star, for his forehead patch (Little Artist just finished reading Farmer Boy), but I call him Stew Stu.

Yesterday another neighbor called and said, “do you have your gun handy?” That’s another story but what kind of question is that? Duh! 🙂

Today my dairy neighbor (who is quite famous among the Jersey industry) called and said he just had another bull calf born, did we want it? I assessed the facilities (yep, I can divide the playhouse with a pallet), and called him with the affirmative.

I went and bought another bottle and stopped by my favorite organic farm where I find I can self-serve organic chicken grains! Yes! I got six bags of mix, and a bag of peas for added protein (for my meat birds). And bigger biceps.

I thought I was all out of dinner themed calf names but I surprised myself and came up with Patty. Haha! Here he is. I don’t know what the girls are calling him.

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