Last year my garden mostly failed. I ended up moving cows and irrigating the pasture, and that turned out to be very awesome, but also exceptionally time-consuming (it’s called “management intensive grazing” for a reason). As a result, I did very little weeding, never got a good watering system figured out, and several major crops did really poorly: I planted TONS of carrots – when it was too warm and 99% never even germinated; tomatoes bore a few, but not enough to fill a freezer; green beans never really produced. I got good amounts of squash, and (surprisingly) broccoli, kale and celery.

This year I ordered from only one place, and it wasn’t Territorial Seed… Now that Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds has an (open-pollinated!) purple carrot, I was happy to send all my business their way.

IMG_1044I tried to be realistic, based on last year’s problems, and just get some basic items. My friend is promising tomato plants (or I buy them from the mennonite nursery that sprays god-knows-what on everything twice weekly).

I did splurge on a watermelon, chose a new squash (they have TONS to choose from), red carrots to go with the purple (why grow orange? you can get them anywhere!), and got a few herbs. We’ll see how it goes – IF I can get working on it in the midst of all this kitchen mess!