{Here is another previously-thought-scheduled post that didn’t really make it here. We’ll try again.}

The overall plan we’re working on with our kitchen has a two-fold purpose. The primary purpose is to make cooking-with-children a little more doable, and the happy side effect is that we can build a pantry in the corner that is now the stove, freeing up the remainder of the laundry room. The dilemma has to do with this part:

IMG_0965blogThat spot between the (future) pantry and the fridge is the center of my question. The way it’s situated, the only light comes in from the north-facing window above the sink (far right of the sketch), and from the patio doors and window in the dining room, which are far past the lower right of the sketch. The fridge looks huge and imposing because it is. 🙂 It reaches beyond the front edges of the counters by a good bit.  I am worried that area in the red circle will become cave-like, building a tall wall along one side of it.

One option is to get smart with lighting (which is probably impossible for me), but the other option we’re looking at would be fairly involved. That is, we would remove the base cabinet and counter, remove all the upper cabinetry including what is over the fridge, and build a floor-to-ceiling cabinet where we can install the wall oven at eye level. Drawers could go underneath and the deep cabinet above it could have vertical dividers for storing cookie sheets and such. But then I wonder… making such a huge structure (the counter-depth cabinets would continue above the fridge) on that whole side of the kitchen… would that become very imposing? I would lose the cute little shelf, and certainly the only tile left to be seen would be along the wall the sink is on. Would I lose all focal points? Would there be anywhere to rest your eye? I am just not design-oriented and these are like questions without answers to me.

Also, could I actually do that? Build real-life cabinets, that reach the ceiling? Hmm…