Some years ago I read the Duggar family’s book, 20 and Counting, and while some of it fell flat (really, they eat like that?!?), I was encouraged by their testimonies of God’s provision. I’ve read books and talked to people with whom God deals in amazing ways.. In obedience they show up at an airport, some stranger gives them money or a ticket, they’re trying to go to point Y but are diverted to point X, where during an unplanned delay they take a walk and someone walks up and asks for them by name, etc. etc.. I don’t mean to belittle that kind of miraculous occurrence, but I’ve almost never come away with my faith built – more feeling like, “wow, God does NOT work that way with me” or “I can’t even imagine doing that” (which I recognize is a fault in my own mind and heart, but so it is). The Duggars had tales of circumstances and opportunities lining up to give them what they needed, even though it wouldn’t have looked like it was even possible.

I feel kindof like that with my kitchen remodel. Things have just come together, a piece here, a part there, until we might just have something worthwhile to put together in the end. 🙂 It happened that way with my pantry door, which I hadn’t thought a *whole* lot about, aside from pinning this on pinterest:

IMG_0961So that this corner:

Stove Corner

Stove Corner

Can look kinda like this:

Or this:

As my plan showed:

corner sketch

corner sketch

I was shopping for some black iron pipe so that our new(ish) propane cooktop could actually get propane at Lowe’s, and on my way from the plumbing (where I rejected any choice of faucet) to the lumber (why not get the wood to frame in the pantry!), I passed the door section. Set out on a cart were some scratch-and-dent clearance.

Including a little skinny door. Knotty pine. Twenty-four inches wide, and pre-hung. The frame/jamb was a little bowed at the bottom, but I stood it up to see if I could still fit through it after a winter of sitting and eating. 🙂 I wasn’t sure about the size, until I remembered my iphone and my pinterest board with the little dimensions pic. The door was 24″. Just right! It was normally $200 (solid pine, if you can call pine solid, and with a carved/grooved shape quite like that light blue pantry door above), but on the clearance was marked down to $70. I called Hubby (for the umpteenth time that trip) to talk it over with him. He gave me the general go-ahead if I thought it would work, so I loaded it onto my big rolling cart.

I didn’t know that it was actually half that price. It rang up at $35 and *again* I felt that humbling wonder, that I-really-don’t-deserve-this-and-why-would-He-care gratitude that I should be used to by now, as good as God is.

With the kids at home with hubby, I didn’t even have to strap the pipe and lumber and door to the roof of the van. It all fit inside. 🙂 IMG_0981

We’re almost ready to ‘do it.’ We have most of the important stuff (we’re waiting on getting a vent hood – that will be a big project in itself), and just need to get some time and courage to dive in.

Actually, at the time of this writing, we have managed to cut a big hole in the island and plop the cooktop into it. Hubby has drilled a hole in the floor for the propane pipe and my dad shipped us a gauge to pressure-test the system after we get it put together.

I’m still working on a design dilemma with the oven. I can show you my ‘virtual kitchen’ next time.