As I mentioned before, we have a new kitchen window. Yay!

That might not sound yay-worthy to you, but believe me, what we had was in dire need of replacement. Here is the ‘before’ – from a distance. 🙂


It was one of those garden window things – that juts out from the house with a ‘floor’ and a shelf and it’s supposed to be your own little greenhouse I think. Ours was framed in white aluminum, and as an amazing conductor, that aluminum was a major problem. In winter frost would build up on the inside corners of the window, and if I was doing dishes or cooking much, thick ice could even form. It’s on the north side of the house and is almost always in shade. When the ice would melt, the mildew would form. I had pulled out the ‘floor’ of the window 8 years ago when I did the tile backsplash, and had found a terrible mess. Wet, soggy plywood; wet, moldy drywall (right behind the sink below the window), bugs and mice having lived therein… *shudder*

I cleaned it up pretty well back then. I dried out the plywood, chiseled off the warped layers, sprayed some kind of plastic water-proof foam stuff, replaced the drywall with tile backerboard (duh. sheetrock along a sink?!). I thought I’d be creative and bust up some porcelain tiles to make a mosaic-puzzle type floor to the window. I did it and it was lovely. For a few years.

The ice-water-mildew-freeze-thaw took it’s toll, and eventually the tile had buckled and broke and looked like the victim of a small, confined earthquake. Spiders moved in and tiny ants occasionally crawled out of the broken grout (I dissuaded them with essential oils and cayenne pepper).

It had been on my serious-to-do list for six months and I finally got the time to stop and order a window to replace it. And scheduled a friend to install it. It sat at the window shop for a couple weeks while we were all sick, but when the day came to get it, I was so excited to be rid of the old nasty one. The ugly truth is proven: the first sprout of the year!


Seriously, how gross is that?! And that ‘easier than laying straight tile’ was a nightmare. At least, if you’re 7 months pregnant and you can barely reach the faucet, DON’T try to assemble a puzzle that extends another 2 feet PAST the faucet. Especially when there is no guarantee the puzzle will ever come together.

After the installation:


It’s a ‘regular’ window that slides up to open, and I had them put the little white things between the glass to look like window ‘panes’. The lower window also unlatches at its top and bends inward so I can clean the outside of it (no excuses now!). The anguish of trying to fit that window dislodged my durock tile backer and backsplash along the sink, so I had to pull that all apart. Exposing my creepy insulation again. It doesn’t look worse than 8 years ago, so hopefully we’re good.

I did manage to replace the tile (yay for saving that extra grout for 8 years! sheesh), and since our reverse osmosis filter had died (yes, right before the well pump. This whole place is falling apart, huh?) and needed replaced, I went ahead and got a new faucet:

IMG_0988(Since we had to plumb in the new RO system anyway). I’m still waiting on my windowsill and such, but it looks much better, doesn’t it? Choosing that faucet says a lot about me…

I went to Lowe’s and viewed 35 that fit my desires (tall, with a pull-out spray, not a lot of fancy knobs and grooves to get hard water deposits). My eyes glazed over and I was overwhelmed with all the choices (too hard to make the RIGHT choice, right?) and went to Costco, where they had ONE like this. I know and trust Costco’s amazing return policy, the quality is usually decent or better, and the reviews were encouraging. Much easier to feel confident in my choice, right? 😀

Next up, the divine (I think) pantry door…