I think I have two main modes of existence. Pregnancy/nursing and Home Remodeling.

Because if I’m not doing the one, I’m doing the other. I remember the first summer Little Artist was weaned I busted out the power drill and yanked up the dining room carpet and laid crappy vinyl floor tiles everywhere. Come to think of it, while pregnant with her I painted the kitchen, redid the tile backsplash and painted acres of cabinetry. I guess I overlap sometimes.

I still haven’t wrapped up the final details of the post-flood work (baseboards? switchplates? Who needs ’em!?), and have embarked on another (related!) project.

You remember my oven-in-the-corner:


Stove Corner

Stove Corner

When we went on vacation last year the vacation house we rented had a cooktop in the island.

Oh. My. Gosh.

You wouldn’t think that would be very world-altering, but I have four – FOUR – daughters. That’s a lot of kitchen help. I’m also a thinker, an introvert, and come dinner time, I’m just not very patient with underfoot help. Two slide stools up to help stir, and I can barely reach the stovetop. I decided after vacation that someday – Someday! – if we were ever able to redo things slightly, that’s one thing I’d change for sure. Then they could help from the other side of the island. 🙂

I priced cooktops and my dream died a little. Seriously? So I started watching Craigslist every now and then to get a feel for the used price. Still wasn’t promising, and I wasn’t ready to start a remodel project, but I pondered it in my heart.

When we did our taxes and figured out our refund amount, we prioritized some spending. Things like cod liver oil and Downton Abbey – you know, the important stuff. Down on the list was a gas cooktop, a wall oven and an island hood. Now, our tax refund wasn’t going to be THAT good, but I figured we could keep our eyes out. I’m not terribly picky (well, except that I wanted a propane cooktop since we had propane for our furnace and it would be an easy tie-in. And I don’t like GE appliances). The local craigslist isn’t much to speak of, but Gigi’s City has a lot of offerings, so I always kept my eye on that one too. And I found a 36″ gas cooktop (Frigidaire Gallery, like my existing stove) for $95..! That was a good deal even compared to electric cooktops, and smaller/less desirable ones. I made arrangements and drove to visit Gigi and the lovely lady with the cooktop (platinum shoulder-length hair with purple hair showing underneath!). The front doors were 10′ tall, double, and solid wood with some glass work. Just beautiful. The hallway bathroom had river rocks in the sink. They had redone their 2 acres of countertops in a gold and black granite, and there was some issue with stainless appliances and the black glass cooktop did not match, so they replaced it. I nodded in understanding, while my redneck self said, “you mean this won’t match my white-with-pencil-scribbles fridge?!” I was so blessed.

And ready to install it, STAT!

Hubby notsomuch. He would rather we collect everything we need for this proposed project before starting in on it (what?! Can’t we wire the old oven up in the backyard for if I have to roast a turkey?). Which meant more patience, as the wall oven was a lot harder to come by, and a lot more expensive.

In the meantime, I planned my kitchen:

corner sketch

corner sketch

Where the stove sits could be framed into a corner pantry (solving another laundry/pantry problem, I hope). There’s a lot of space behind my beautiful tile job (there is a gun cabinet built in from the room on the other side, but it certainly doesn’t take up THAT much room), and I hoped to make use of it.

And then I found a deal on an oven…