Thank you for your prayers and thoughts on behalf of Ethan’s family. It is certainly a process, probably one that is never fully complete this side of heaven. Ethan’s Mama has had some challenging days since then; please continue to pray for her if you have been. She spiked very high blood pressure a couple weeks after delivery, and was life-flighted to the City for treatment. She had (I think) 2 separate brain bleeds that seemed to stop on their own, but she had to be monitored where there was a neurosurgeon on hand. She was eventually discharged, and has made at least a couple more ER trips with the high blood pressure. She has never suffered with blood pressure problems, so they’re chalking this up to post-partum complications. In her own research, she has found that this kind of brain bleed (when survived) almost always happens to C-Section patients, but none of the doctors have said that. Her recovery is slow, but steady.

In our own household, we’ve dealt with obnoxious colds/coughs/flu for the past 2 months I think. I developed a miserable cough/sore throat for a while, that introduced me to sinus problems for the first time (sinus infection? Not sure, but OW! My forehead hurt! And touching it even gently was excruciating). One of my upper molars (more mercury-filling than tooth, these past 25ish years) began hurting along with it until I was sure I had something dental going on. Several friends chimed in with their own stories of sinus-related tooth pain, so I chalked it up to that. Still no fun though. The sinus pain *eventually* went away, but the tooth pain remained. It has been very heat- and cold-sensitive, and several times a day would just (for no reason) begin it’s throbbing pain. Last weekend it switched it up – the spontaneous throbbing pain was replaced with sharp pain upon contact – biting my teeth together (even gently), chewing on that side (what used to be my ‘dominant’ chewing side!)… After reading about root canals on holistic dentistry sites (and the crazy rates of infection, even breast cancer seems connected) I vowed to opt for a tooth-pull if a dentist suggested root canal (I have made no appointment, mind you, just a preemptive decision). I have almost completely eschewed grains and sugar for the past 2-3 weeks, and been heavy on the fermented cod liver oil/butter oil and I can say that the sharp sensitivity of that tooth is lessened. I hope it has just been that with the colds/sickness my body just had to pull on mineral reserves in my teeth, or my tooth “flow” was inward (not good) as opposed to a healthy flowing-outward.

I think we’re on the upward swing.. The coughing is rare an lessened, and energy is back up to decent, among all of us. I’ll write more soon about the other goings-on around here. 🙂