This week has not gone according to plan. Hubby got violently ill Monday evening. Later that night our five-year-old Organique woke up sick. She perked up the next morning, but was puking again that night. Hubby missed work Tuesday and Wednesday, and the early hours of Thursday morning had Big Sister and Miss Pleasant puking their guts out within minutes of each other. I changed Miss Pleasant’s bedding twice that night and by 3:30 AM was laying in bed with a bucket of my own. [Can I just say here how handy it is to have an iPhone and a wireless connection when you’re in bed sick? Facebook, Netflix and a host of other distractions are right at my fingertips!] Thankfully, I never actually threw up, I just lied there feeling miserable and waiting to do so. I fell asleep for little while around 6:00 AM and laid in bed all day with aches and pains and queasiness. I am so grateful that Hubby was back at work and able to feed the cows that morning and evening! That evening, which would’ve been Thursday, also brought blizzard conditions, winds to 40 miles per hour and a blizzard warning. Today (Friday) Hubby parked the van at the neighbors house, concerned that our portion of driveway would drift in like it has in the past. The National Weather Service was off on its prediction though and while the wind was plenty, there was not enough snow to bury us so tonight he’s bringing the van back home.

Today I have been well enough to be downstairs so I’ve sat on the couch most of the day. I was also able to take a shower! I hope that tomorrow I’ll be able to be up and about, to check on my cattle and chickens and see if they’ve missed me. 🙂

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