The minor flood from 2 weeks ago is in the process of being repaired. It hasn’t exactly been the most efficient project, but it’s getting there (I hope!).

The insurance has approved, generally, the repair. I haven’t heard if they’ve approved specific things – for instance, the kitchen floor only had a small problem area (well, from this incident) and the demo kid took out 4 square feet of tiles/subfloor. Whether they’re going to seek out four replacement vinyl tiles OR put sheet vinyl throughout the whole kitchen/dining area (to prevent the problem should it happen in the future) remains to be seen. I’m *so* hoping for the sheet vinyl (as my pinterest pins reveal!).

Kitchen Demo 1

A nice rustic look.. with sewer and plumbing in view. :\

Last Wednesday (or was it Tuesday?) demo-kid also removed the bathroom floor  (which had peeling sheet vinyl) and subfloor, and stuck the toilet in the bathtub. ! He was due to come the next day (I expected morning) and remove the kitchen ceiling/wall stuff, but I got a call from their office in the morning asking when I would have the counters cleared, furniture pushed back… which I had stayed up late to accomplish already. :/ She said he could make it to our place before *too* long, and as he had asked that we be elsewhere for this part of the job (what, he didn’t like that my friend and her 2 little boys were here the first day?), I made arrangements, got ready, and packed the kids up for a trip to town. Visit a friend or two, go shopping, etc. I HATE going shopping with all four girls. It is a real challenge, but perhaps I should be more patient. In any case, i stayed in fairly close contact with their office (“is he almost here, or can I get a quick shower in before we leave?”), and then headed out. About 20 minutes into our trip (barely on the outskirts of Town), I got another call. Their first job was proving to be much longer than they thought, so they weren’t going to make it to out place after all. *smacks forehead* I might’ve gently lamented the whole loss-of-a-school day and not-totally-necessary trip to town and she apologized and assured me they’d be there at 9 the next morning.

Kitchen Demo 2

Exposed beam, missing wall.

At noon the next day I called again, apologizing for all my bothersome calls, and asked when I might *really* expect demo-kid and his cohort. She was surprised they weren’t there at 9, and said she’d figure out what happened. She put me on hold and then apologized that they’d mixed up their afternoon & morning jobs but were on their way and would be to me in 15 minutes.

Eighty-five minutes later they arrived.

And we *didn’t* leave, because we had already done that once for them, and it wore me out. 🙂

They taped up plastic ‘walls’ between dining and living rooms, and across the midpoint of the kitchen, sealing themselves in so sheetrock dust wouldn’t get everywhere. They cut a piece out of the ceiling the width of the kitchen (and about 3 or 4 joists wide), a narrow piece of wall where the water had flowed down, and all the sheetrock that covered the beam that crosses the wide space between dining and living rooms. And they set a big blower in the bathroom upstairs, which perplexed me a little bit, as the incident had happened 12 days before. I thought an air-mover would’ve been used sooner. :S

View from the schoolroom – half the kitchen taped off.

In the preliminary stuff – having the restoration guy out to see things, then the insurance adjuster (with the restore guy on hand) – it sounded like the upstairs hall carpet would need removed or replaced or ??, but so far no word or action on that. This week I should also hear about the kitchen floor – a spot fix (which might be difficult to match tiles), a make-do (the idea was floated to replace *just the outer perimeter of tiles* making a ‘creative’ solution – though I think since he took out four tiles instead of just 2 edge ones, that won’t be done), or full replacement – which is pretty big. The kitchen/dining area is about 30 feet from end to end, and mostly about 12-15 feet wide, but if they do that, they’ll have to do the hallway, which extends from the kitchen to the front door – another 15-18 feet there. Now, were that to be *done* I will be terribly thankful. *I* did the vinyl tiles back when I had two children, and I’m sorry to say I never did complete it properly, so having this done would be very wonderful. I’m trying to hold loosely to my hopes though (even if I am researching different types/grades of vinyl, prices, and wondering if we can afford to pay for an ‘upgrade’ if that’s wise). 🙂

This week should come the answers, and the decisions about the hall/kitchen floors. Also the repairs to the ceiling/wall/beam and then I’ll have to *choose* flooring. Gulp.

Speaking of, if ANYone stumbles upon this, I would dearly love some feedback… I *adore* the wood-look vinyls that are well done, but I *also* aspire to put actual wood in the living room someday (though it will probably be yanked-apart wood pallets, and we have no timeline for that project yet). Would that be in poor taste, having *fake* wood butt up against *real* wood, along a 12-foot opening between the rooms? My next preference is something stone-ish, perhaps like my tile backsplash (only in vinyl, not porcelain)..? Opinions are requested, because I have *no* talent in this area. If you would like to see what I’ve dreamed about (and current colors/patterns already in use there), check my Kitchen Board on Pinterest. The backsplash tiles are unknown, but they’re in one of the photos there.


{And can I just say how grateful that I am to bother putting my thoughts down here? I could NOT remember nor figure out what my countertop pattern was that we replaced about 4 or 5 years ago (and is now discontinued or not advertised). I wondered if I’d mentioned it on here, and I had! Yay!}