… it’s NOT rain…

It’s worse. Much, much worse.

Last Spring (was it?) I painted my living room a nice warm, buttery yellow. {and can’t find a photo to prove it} We had our sliding glass door replaced with a ‘patio door,’ and I’ve put off affixing the trim, because I needed to paint the dining room (the same yellow) to match.

During the door replacement

The ‘before’ color (somewhat viewable in the photo above) was a pale chocolate-milk tone. The wall to the left in the photo is a barn red color that extends into the kitchen (and will remain that color).

In any case, I finally got a moment to paint, so after church on Sunday I removed all the switchplates and outlet plates and tackled the edges and corners. I took down my little apron-hook-shelf and completed the wall that goes into the kitchen and surrounds the basement door (in the photo above it is the wall along the right. The basement door is to my right, slightly behind where I’m standing.). Oh, it looked so nice! I went and moved the cows and switched up some irrigation and then hurried home because I was taking the girls to a Rosh Hashanah gathering at a home. I sent Organique upstairs to find something decent/clean to wear, and she came back down naked and screaming… We were all going to drown, more or less, because the toilet had overflowed. Hubby ran upstairs, then down, then up again (with the shop vac). I figured he had it under control and tried to console Organique that there wasn’t THAT much water in a toilet that could flood the entire house.

Except right about then I heard a sound, and looked over at the counter that separates kitchen from dining room… There was a stream of water splashing down from a bulge in the ceiling. So I got a 4-cup glass measure and set it to catch the downpour. Then I looked about more carefully, and the beam that separates the dining from living rooms began to drip. I gathered up my egg cans (large tin cans from costco-sized tomato sauce) and managed a fairly musical composition, drips and splats and droops and splashes. *sigh* I grabbed a towel from the laundry and tried to preemptively absorb some of the bulging spots along that beam.

Near the basement door (just past that beam, along the same wall) my beautiful new paint job began to leak. Water had soaked down *behind* the paint to fill a ‘pocket’ of water not far from the lightswitch. Then the paint gave way and truly squirted away from the wall (!) before easing off and dribbling down. More towel work. And dissolved joint compound came with it, a wet chalky mess on wall and floor and towel.

Patience was pretty thin at this point, so I worked until the flood was easing off, then took the kids (late) to the New Year celebration. Hubby was planning to stay home anyway, so he worked further on the upstairs while I was gone.

Today the walls and ceiling have a bizarre, saggy look to them, and there is a part of the (kitchen) floor that has swollen. The upstairs bathroom floor is a mess, and the hall carpet is not yet dry.

We’re exploring options to stop this (better plumbing and child training?), limit the effects if it DOES happen (replace the bathroom floor with a giant shower-pan and drain?), and trying to decide what ‘repairs’ we can manage. I might call the insurance company just to see if this kind of thing is covered, and whether it would be worth it to pursue that… They replaced our roof (and painted the car that the shingles scraped up) 3 or 5 years ago* (I was very pregnant with SOMEONE, and the roofers came and started working at about 6:30 a.m. to beat the heat of the day. Ugh.). THAT was a HUGE blessing – when I called a company for a roofing estimate, it hadn’t even *occurred* to me that homeowner’s insurance would take care of such a thing.. not, that is, until they guy said “just give this to your agent, they should take care of it…” The price was TWICE what we had set aside in the bank at the time, and we’d have been living with a tarp on the roof if he hadn’t said that. 🙂

*{I found the photo of the insurance check; five years ago! How time does fly..}

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