This is actually subject to my memory; there may be many more spectacular posts archived here (and it’s a good thing, since I can’t remember them on my own). If you find a good one, point it out! 🙂

One of my first-ever posts, when I transported three young heritage pigs in the trunk of my Camry across a few state lines.

A fairly illustrative post about Gi-gi, when she cut her backside.

Another one, where Gi-gi likes to push my buttons. 🙂

Trying to dehorn Chuck last year. Heh.

And I still have a hard time believing I did this on Christmas Eve… (I checked; even if I WAS guilty [and I wasn’t], the statute of limitations HAS indeed run out.) Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

I can laugh about it now. Organique’s diabolical recipe. 🙂

She’s a little more civilized now, but this was a daily conversation for a while.

Wow, she has come a long way…! Glad for that!