AUGUST is a week in already. How did this happen?

Miss Pleasant will be 3 in a week. Thank goodness my other children can read a calendar and inform me.


Springtime, when the grass was green…

It has been HOT here. The lawn is burned up, but the pasture is nice and green. My priorities are in evidence, I’m afraid…

My camera died. There is nothing – nothing – happening with it. I tried to get help from Nikon’s website, but their online support archive doesn’t include “not working.” I’m *hoping* it just needs its batteries charged, though I don’t think that’s it (unless the heat did something and sucked them dry super-fast).

Hamish is getting BIG (3 months) and Hubby hasn’t yet tried to castrate him. I’m getting a little worried about this; it’s going to be a challenge. I know someone who knows someone who has a bull, but they want to know when Mae is in heat, and there’s been nothing I’ve seen as evidence.. Not sure what to do about that! :\

We started school a week ago. It takes a lot to manage things right now. But the schoolwork *is* happening, and the girls are *mostly* enjoying it.

Hubby built me a half-door (dutch door, kinda, but without the top half) to lock the kids in and out of the schoolroom, as needed.

We are planning a vacation for October, after the frost has killed the garden and things are a little easier to manage. We had hoped to do this last year, but after Hubby’s Episode, plans (and budgets) changed. I must say this is the first trip we’ve ever planned that I’m actually, really looking forward to. I’m not sure if that should buoy me or sadden me. :]

As the outdoor responsibilities (feeding and freeing chickens, checking/changing irrigation & dams in the morning, winding up and re-stringing electric fences, moving cows, filling my ‘water truck’ and moving and refilling the trough, rechecking irrigation in the afternoon, and feeding and locking up chickens, gathering eggs [checking irrigation?] at nightfall) ease up towards fall and winter, I hope to write more here.