{For evidence, I started this post 2 weeks ago. 😛 }

The days are long. And I stay busy the whole time. Still it’s not all done; not even close.

I’m behind here at Aspiring to Simplicity too. There is SO much to update, talk about, but I don’t know if I’ll ever get to it all.

For one, Mae had her calf – nearly 2 months ago on May 11 – a bull calf whom we call Hamish. We’re currently trying to figure out how to capture him away from his long-horned Mama so we can surgically alter him. Also trying to figure out the best way (or any way) to breed her again.

Mae and calf.

We raised and processed the meat birds, finishing in earlyJune.

Our six turkeys are growing well.

My best-ever garden is having some epic failures in the midst. The spaghetti squash and zucchini are getting big, and the zucchini has started to set fruit.

I am learning to irrigate and am (kinda) rotating my cattle! After reading about this SO many years ago, I’m finally, FINALLY putting some of it into practice, and that is SO EXCITING to me!

We enjoyed a visit from my brother and his family in June, after he returned from a short stint in Afghanistan. While they were here, we glanced out the living room window to see a hen and 5 baby chicks. To this day I have no idea where their nest was, where they came from.. They’re penned up safely together now.

The girls and I went and visited Gi-gi for a weekend recently. We hadn’t been to see her since February and once the chickens were all killed, we were freer to do so. Organique overheard me mention this to Gi-gi on the phone (about a month before we visited) and promptly found a tiny suitcase, packed her clothes inside and put it in the van, because she was so excited about the prospect.

We had a peeping (rock)Chuck at our sliding glass door for a couple days. I shot him with the .22 the day the new-door-installer arrived. Explaining the bloodstain on the rock was interesting…

We replaced our not-sliding glass door! We now have a ‘patio door’ that is 3 panels (one of which is a door, and opens) with blinds between the glass panes. Perfect for keeping the rising sun out of the eyes of my morning oatmeal-eaters.

My mom and her kids spent 4 days with us over Independence Day. We enjoyed the local parade, roasted marshmallows, went swimming, chased turkeys, played with baby chicks and pet the cattle.

Hubby has been working a lot. It’s hot and dry and everyone needs their irrigation pivots in good order.

I’m gearing up for another year of homeschooling. Years 2 and 4, of Ambleside Online. I have found a lot of books on paperback swap and free on kindle, but there are still some I need to *actually pay for* too. LOTS of amazing titles; I’m both excited and fearful that I will drop the ball and not do it justice…

That’s it for us! Is your summer this busy?