I’ve posted mostly lately about the projects and goings-on of our homestead here. I still regularly get riled up by various political and religious things, but I usually don’t have time to really rant about it here, or it’s all so complex and complicated that I don’t feel like I’m qualified to examine it thoroughly (even if my opinion is thoroughly mine. 🙂 ).

One thing I’ve found, however, is that I (and a lot of others) can get so wrapped up in “the truth!” that we forget to look to The Truth. The ‘wrong’ fills our minds, and we harp on it, instead of pursuing the Righteousness. We can point out sin, but do we lead (by example) to the Cure?

Stay above distraction! Go towards Christ.

Lest I be misunderstood, I’m saying that we need to be caught up in the person of Christ, identified in Him, and all about Him. Often that will look a certain way… but pursuing ‘that look’ is missing Him altogether. I’ve seen long, wordy arguments that state that if you do not have (the right kind of) King James Version of the Bible, you *do not* have the Pure, Unadulterated Word of God. …But what does that mean to the Chinese peasant that can’t even read his own language, let alone 400-year-old English? Obviously there’s a glitch in this somewhere… And I don’t think it means that the majority of the world is condemned by the language they were born into.

That one’s easy. But what about (women) not cutting hair, or wearing (only) skirts, or homeschooling? I submit that these can be just as in error as the above. Where is our focus?

If you love me, you’ll keep my commandments.

-John 14:15

This is not some kind of manipulative “Well, if you loved me you would…” Keeping  His commandments is not proof of our loving him, it is the fruit of it. A bushel of tomatoes in my kitchen is not proof of my gardening. I might’ve bought them from a friend, from the store, they might’ve been a gift, or have fallen off a truck along the road. OR, they might be the fruit of my gardening. 🙂 We can keep (some of) His commandments. Centuries of texts are full of faith being worked out this way. It really never worked (Hebrews 7:19Hebrews 10:1), except as a precursor to point to Who does work. 🙂 Keeping commandments doesn’t prove that we love God. Let’s keep the analogy going: Let’s say 1) I garden, and 2) I reap a harvest of Brandywine Tomatoes. Does this mean that *everyone* who gardens should end up with Brandywine Tomatoes? No, other gardeners may end up with Roma Tomatoes, or even bell peppers, corn or okra! Each of these can be obtained through methods other than gardening, and there is variety even among those who *do* grow a garden.

Different Fruit.

So it is with loving God. We may all love God, and the fruit of that in our lives might look a little different (and our own fruit might even change from season to season) – He goes onto the mission field, her business supports a crisis pregnancy center, they homeschool, we have a healing ministry…

If you’re sure someone is ‘missing it’ in some major area – don’t come at them to convince them to [insert personal conviction here]. Build them up in the Lord, point them to Him, bring them to Truth (not just truth).

I admit I’m chief among the misguided. “HOW could you vote for HIM? WHAT can you be thinking allowing your children to…? Certainly raw milk is more righteous than pasteurized.” (okay, I jest) But if I am found in Christ, if I keep myself there, if all things point to Him… Well then, these things will be seen as they are – distractions. Let us not miss God by beating each other up with the good.