This is NOT the kind of redo you will find in magazines, (real) blogs, or even in your neighborhood. Nope. But for us, it qualifies. 🙂

We didn’t get new furniture (well we DID, but that was in 2006, and is probably the only actual ‘new’ furniture we own. I wasn’t blogging then, but it’s a story I should tell. Here.), I certainly didn’t do away with the old door hanging on my wall, and we only rearranged minimally.

(please ignore that person in the middle.)

…and excuse all the mess!

The blue living room was one of the early changes I made to our home after we bought it (ONE paint color and texture treatment – every wall, every ceiling, every bit of trim.. off white). I pored and pored over paint chips at the home improvement store, completely clueless as to how to choose. Finally, in a last moment of desperation (and to save my marriage) I grabbed a color I hadn’t even been considering up to that point – a blue. Brought it home and painted. At least it wasn’t off-white. 🙂 A couple kids and several years later, there was as much white joint-compound showing in places as there was blue. And blue never really went with it anyway (although I liked how the kitchen was red, which flowed into the (different!) off-white dining room, which met the blue living room. Red, white, blue. And a star/americana decor theme going on).

Sherwin Williams had a sale, so I made a quick stop there (Hubby and kids stayed in the van). I don’t remember if I knew what I was looking for, but I ended up with some warm-ish yellow, kinda, intending to paint when fall allowed windows to be open. That didn’t happen, but this spring I dived in. Here is what we ended up with:

The old door stays. 🙂

It’s not quite as yellow in real life, but it’s a good creamy butter color. And it goes with the earth-toned furniture much better than the blue did.

The ottoman makes a corner nook – when Hubby doesn’t drag it out. 🙂

I plan to put the same color into part of the dining room, but I haven’t gotten that done yet. I need to move that up the priority list I think.