When a wife fails to round up her husband’s laundry on time, HE will do it. And completely overload the washer. Until it makes terribly loud screeches, followed by a cessation of movement and an occasional twitch and hum. THEN, when the lazy wife inspects things, the unit, perhaps out of fear, will begin wetting on the floor. Continuously. BUT! – all is not lost!

Though this may happen at 11:10 pm the husband, returning to the scene of the crime in response to anguished calls from his wife, will turn off the water, switch it from wash to spin, and activate the unit to drain itself of water. This will not stop the wetting, however, and a shop vac may be utilized.

When autopsy (vivisection?) is performed, it will be found that the pump unit has had a HOLE torn in the side of it (whence came the water). The husband may, at this point, employ a SOLDERING IRON and a plastic ZIP TIE to ‘weld’ the hole, followed by a generous layer of silicone. Having sat overnight, he can reassemble it in the morning before leaving for work, so that the wife may redouble her efforts and duties.



Laundry is not the only reason I haven’t posted lately. Part of it is my WordPress learning curve; I’ve written and lost a couple posts and I’m not sure what happened to them, but it’s very discouraging! But the good news is that so far several loads have washed successfully. ๐Ÿ™‚ I ordered a pump from Appliance Parts Pros yesterday afternoon, and by evening I had a shipping notice.