My (first) seed order has arrived. As usual, these are from Territorial Seed. I am also awaiting an order from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. ALL of the seeds from Baker are heirloom/open-pollinated and they have some fantastic finds from around the globe.

I ordered from Territorial:

I want to dig up the front flowerbed patch of grass and put in some herbs. However, anytime I dig up and expose dirt of any kind, the chickens think I have opened a classy buffet (is than an oxymoron?) and come scratching and pecking through everything. I’ve not yet determined how I might keep seeds protected long enough for them to sprout!

From Baker Creek I ordered:

I also have some saved-seed from last year – mostly flowers like calendula and borage. I’ll be buying plants from the local greenhouse, and maybe some organic ones from Azure.

What are your garden plans so far?