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We’re two days later than the tracking had “estimated” but my big delivery is supposed to get here today. Well, truthfully it’s mostly HUBBY’S big delivery, but I’m pretty excited about that greenhouse and those chicken waterers…


The problem is, if you don’t have it unloaded in 15 minutes or so, they start tacking on some hefty ‘detention’ charges. The other problem is that the pallets total 2000 pounds. The other other problem is that I don’t have a forklift.

Yes, the driver suggested that.

“Um, I have an old ford tractor. If I can get it to start, maybe I can drag the pallets off the truck?” He already had seem unimpressed with my plan to unload it piece-by-piece.

Eventually we managed to work out that they could deliver it to Hubby’s work where they DO have a forklift, and Hubby can borrow a trailer to drag it home (where, without a time limit, we can unload it piece-by-piece, I assume). Hubby got permission and arranged for someone on-site to USE said forklift for the job, etc etc.

I called to give new instructions to the delivery people, only to find out that the guy going to THAT town (where Hubby’s work is) is already out for the day, so we’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

At least we’ll have it by the weekend, which should be lovely for working on projects. 🙂