You may remember my Granny passed away last June, at 93. I was asked for a ‘list’ of anything (not already assigned/taken) that would be precious to me, and in October we were able to bring things home. 
These were high on my list. I’m not even sure what I would call them. They’re small bowl-things**. The small round ones are mostly in the pastel colors you see, and some are shorter and wider than others, which have a more tapered bottom. There are also a few oval-shaped bowls, including the green one you see here.

There is also a ‘normal’ green bowl Granny used to serve me her little homemade pot-pies in. Yum..

They all have a nicely embossed floral motif, and I use them for everything. Small servings of goodies for the kids, a place to put my tea bell, spoon rest, even as lunch or dinner servings (in the oval ones).

Granny used to put my little pot pie under the broiler to brown up the crust. They’re oven-safe, but I haven’t put them in my oven yet. Maybe I could make little cupcakes? 🙂

I believe there are 5 oval dishes (2 green, 2 pink, and a blue) and about half a dozen or so of the small ones (no green among them). There are also some small brown ones, in both the wide and tapered styles:

They have the most beautiful robin’s-egg-blue on the inside. The photo doesn’t look quite as brilliant as they seem in real life. 🙂

A friend of mine thinks these dishes and others like them (Granny also had some smallish bowls that had a handle, almost like a measuring cup, but in the same color/material as the pastel ones above) came in  Quaker oatmeal. Much better than what they put in cereal boxes today, do you think? 🙂

This site says they were made from the early 1930s to the mid 1940s. If you click to the ‘page 6′ link on their page, their is a neat ad for some of the (purchased; not oatmeal-prize) products.

**A little research is calling these wider ones “custard” bowls, and the tapered ones “ramekins.”