I’ve taken a few ‘school pictures’ for friends and family, but my own are much less formal…

For example, this brother and sister:

Isn’t he cute??!?

And then, we have ours:

How does she manage to look so angelic and innocent?!? I’m glad she has curly hair; I’ve never had her hair cut, but SHE has cut it a dozen times or so. You mostly can’t tell…

Nothing like starting school with a giant bandage on your hand. At least a) she doesn’t write yet and b) she’s not left-handed anyway.

“Oh, this is a good book!”


By the way, that Baby turned 2 a couple weeks ago (the day Hubby was in the hospital). I forgot it was her birthday for most of the day! She also started summer with DARK BROWN hair. *sigh* She’s getting so big… 🙂