The Pros:

  • Unlimited fresh milk
  • Homemade cheeses of many kinds
  • Homemade yogurt
  • Grass fed, ‘organic’ butter, full of activator X and more
  • Cream, and it’s variations (i.e. “ice”)
  • Offspring to raise as beef, or to sell

The Cons:

  • No more overnight trips for at least 9 months
  • No late nights at BBQs, church, holidays
  • Not entirely ready; need to evict relocate chickens, clean out shed, finish fence, etc.
  • I’ve never delivered livestock, and might not know if help is needed when she calves
  • I’m anything but experienced with milking, and pretty much don’t know what I’m doing with any of it
  • There’s so much to know about nutritional needs at freshening, during lactation, etc. and I’m not sure I can figure it out
  • I’d like to go grass-only (or nearly so), but there’s not a lot of ‘how-to’ literature about that; providing her with less feed can be problematic for milk production, and her body (bred for high production, her body will ‘use up’ for milk if the calories [grain] is lacking)
  • I’m kindof in this “on my own.” I don’t have a ‘backup’ person or friend (that I know of, anyway) who could take care of things if I were very sick, or had a funeral to go to, etc…
  • To get all ‘the pros’ I might spend every waking moment in the kitchen, letting the house, garden, and children fall away in the process!

She’s for sale. Getting her is possible. Am I ready? Is this the right thing to do? Are we prepared for the work and lifestyle she will require? Are we equipped to take proper care of her?
So many questions, and no certain answers…
**She is jersey, or jersey-crossed-with-something, more likely.