My birthday present needed some protection. A cozy place to spend its days and nights.  I looked online for tutorials, and searched Etsy for ideas, but I was surprised at how few of them even came close to what I wanted.  I finally just trekked out alone, into Trial-n-Error Land. 🙂

I wanted something I could keep the ipod in while I used it. I toyed with the idea of leaving a round cutout for the control-thingy, and a rectangle open (or covered with plastic) for the screen, but decided that was a lot of variables to mess with on short notice.

Yes, I used (some of) the same fabric as my wallet. 🙂 When secured, the flap leaves open the plug area for the earbuds, and also the little lock-switch thingy.

I wanted a slot in the bottom so I could charge it – without removing it. The front sports a pocket for tucking in earbuds, though usually I just wrap the wires around the whole thing, then secure it with the velcro-flap.

And of course I left the selvage dots. 🙂