UPDATE:  Amazon has pulled the title.  I have issued a ‘thank you’ email, and my hopes they will use better discretion in the future, in their decisions on where/how to profit. 🙂

Some time ago I had a purchasing problem with Amazon.  Within a year (!) it was resolved, more or less, and I went back to buying from them.

Today, however, I am rethinking that.

Raising Homemakers on facebook posted a link (not for young readers) to an article discussing Amazon’s defense of a pedophile’s “How-To Manual.”  I am all for free-speech, but I certainly don’t have to support it with MY dollars, if I don’t like it.  This bothers me greatly, considering my new favorite treasure, and all my gift cards, but this is pretty disgusting.  I am hoping they pull the title soon, and put the FBI on the author’s tail.

Here is my email, to jeff@amazon.com (Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos):

Mr. Bezos,

I am a longtime customer of amazon.com.  I have bought food, books, household products, electronics, and more.  I recently purchased a kindle, and have wishlists many pages long, full of your products.  I have a handful of gift cards I was just getting ready to redeem, and an order pending in my mind, if not yet on your system. 🙂

However, I am dismayed to learn of your company’s defense of the title “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure.”  As I understand it, this is a how-to guide for committing (and getting away with) serious illegal acts, the exploitation and injury of children.

I understand the free-speech debate.  As a borderline libertarian, I defend much of what I disagree with.  However, I don’t think this falls under that heading.  Amazon.com should not profit from encouraging such acts.  Would you sell a how-to manual on kidnap and rape?  On blowing up airplanes, and getting past security?  On murder?  I sincerely hope you would not; those titles may exist, but I would hope you would be above such business.  

Please consider removing the title from your ‘shelves.’  It would not hurt you to do so, and it would go a long way in securing future business from myself and other concerned buyers.



Per Raising Homemakers, you can also write to Amazon.Com P.O. Box 81226 Seattle, Wa. 98108-1226 

Or call 1-866-321-8851 reference ASIN#B0049U4CF6