I’m civilized.  I really am.  At least, I try to be, where it counts, playground notwithstanding.  In fact, Hubby uses the R-Word to harass me upon occasion.  I apparently still have my pride in place, because I always haughtily raise my eyebrows and my nose, and disparage the thought..


A few months ago I had our windshield replaced.

A few weeks ago it cracked.

I wasn’t sure if there were warranties or anything, so I called the local installer and they said they’d have someone come inspect it to see if it was from a rock, or stress, or what.

The guy came, found rock damage (doggone it) and I didn’t realize until the young man left that I’d: a) stepped out of the house barefoot to talk to him, b) stood in the front yard, and c) held Baby on my hip.  You’ve heard that, right? (forty seconds at the link will explain it..)  Of course, that’s probably happened routinely, but not usually with witnesses.


Cousin was by to let his son try and scare up a bird or two (not my chickens) and loan me a(nother) gun for my predator problem.  He shot his 12-gauge (NOT the one I borrowed), and part of the wood came apart from the barrel, and he lamented he’d have to take it home and fix it.  And THEN he thought he might have some duct tape in his new (old) blazer/bronco/whatever (that he recently TRADED for).  I warned him that such action could only mean one thing, not that his ego is as tender as mine…


And then there was the exchange about the gun he loaned me, that prompted me to say, “If my cousin loans me a gun, and then tells me just to bring it with me to church to return it, what does that make me?”

I’m not sure I can comply with the terms of this loan…