Lord help me, where has the time gone???  It took me FOREVER to make it to 9 years old, how is it HER childhood is going by, warp-speed??  Officially, it’s “half gone” at this point.  Oh. My. Goodness.

Her birthday was Monday, officially, but we had her ‘party’ Sunday afternoon.  It was different than most, as we invited a lot more people than usual, and her local grandparents/aunts/uncles were still on vacation or unable to make it.

Left to right:  Cousin, Organique, Big Sister

Even so, there were eighteen children represented, and about half that in adults.  It was so fun, and no one even complained about the ‘oatmeal cake’ she had requested.  We topped this one with stevia-sweetened whipped cream, though I might use a *bit* of sugar in it next time.  It wasn’t bad, but Hubby didn’t prefer it, and it was likely more noticeable to others’ palates.

Big Sister is really growing up, though, and as every mother knows, it’s bittersweet.  There is a loss – a loss of things ‘little,’ yet so much to gain, seeing her mature and finding little hints of the woman she will someday become.

Yikes.  I don’t know if I’m up for it.  What a weighty responsibility is this parenthood!  Lord, equip me!  Fill in all the gaps I leave, for I know they are many.  Hold her close, and don’t let go.