What we NEED is an upright photographer.

But since that’s obviously not available…. What do you suppose is behind this curtain?

I’ll give you a hint:  It’s a remodel.
Yes, a cheap, easy, unlikely one, which are the type we are wont to do around here.  I just saw someone’s little closet-into-coat-tree remodel, hailing utmost frugality (and truly most of the ‘big’ stuff was free, acquired from elsewhere in their house), to the tune of *cough* $152.  Wow.  Mine is fairly more useful (to us, anyway), and I don’t think it added up to that!
Forty or fifty dollars worth of wood and hardware (screws, a couple brackets), $36 of foam, $10 curtain rod and $6 shower-curtain hooks (those last two on clearance).  The fabric was from my stash, as were the little eyelets through which the hooks go.
It’s my girls’ new room makeover.  The wall you’re looking at is about 11 feet long (you’re only seeing the rightmost 6 feet or so) and consists (consisted) of two closets with sliding doors.  The wall that should’ve separated them was never built, so you could go into one closet and exit the other.  Hubby gave me permission to saw off the rightmost six feet of closet-rod and the shelf above, and when my dad was here over Independence Day weekend, he helped Hubby build this fabulous “closet bunkbed.”
The beds are about six feet long, and two feet wide (27″ wide to the front edge).  The middle one is about countertop-height, and the high one is about 64″ or so from the floor (measuring to the bottom of the bunk).  I found “camping foam” on sale for MUCH cheaper than the high-density foam at JoAnn fabrics (even at 50% off).  One of them is actually a pretty dense foam, but both work.  I cut them from 30″ wide to fit the shape of the beds and tucked them in.  The front rail you see is actually from a piece of ‘fencing’ wood.  Half-inch plywood makes up the platforms and the ‘wall’ you see at the head of the beds.  Organique’s bed is on the floor; her crib mattress doesn’t fill the whole space, but fits decently enough for her.  Big Sister climbs up and slithers in at the top of the former ‘doorway,’ and has plenty of headroom and space up there.
This means three girls only need a 2×6′ space for sleeping, total!  The bunkbeds and toddler bed have been removed from the room, freeing up a LOT of space, obviously.  I am loving it, and am almost jealous of their fun little sleeping cubbies!
Of course, since this photo was taken, Organique played Tarzan on the curtains and they have yet to be repaired and replaced.  She also managed to roll the crib to the vicinity (when she wasn’t busy using it as a battering ram to knock down the baby gates at the door) to crawl high and breach big Sister’s bed, tearing down all her tacked-up coloring pages and pillaging the area.  Little Artist’s bed is easier to get to (a few pillows/toys makes a good stepstool) and there is Crayolaβ„’ marker on the wall and doorframe at that level.  *sigh*  I’m praying that Organique will eventually civilize.  And I’m doing my best to help it along, I promise.
In the meantime, yes, we put our kids in the closet.  And they love it.  πŸ™‚