You didn’t know there were such things did you?

Well, ours don’t have any YET, but they’re on the way.

It’s my mom’s fault, really.  She and my dad have been married 25 years, and decided to celebrate that in large fashion.  Of course, to qualify for “large fashion” one must have all one’s relatives from far and wide show up, right?  In the middle of the busiest work time for Hubby?  In the middle of garden planting season?  Chicken season?  Turkey season?  Yes.  See how much I love her?  So we have to leave in a week or so to participate largely, fashionably (ahem), and there will be about 80 creatures needing tending here.  Forty-eight of whom will be putting away some 20-30 lbs of feed a day, to say nothing of water.

I REALLY don’t like asking people to do stuff like this.  It can be hard.  Heavy.  And you might step in something.  And anyone who I would ask would need to drive to get here, and I probably couldn’t bring myself to ask them to do it more than once in the four days we will be gone.

God is good, and he let me stumble upon this.  Especially this version, with the toilet float valve.  Awesome. 🙂  By the time this posts, I will hopefully have all the pieces ready to work with.  I got extra chicken nipples from Farmtek.  The shipping is very high even for small amounts/items, so if you need a few, drop me a line.  I ordered a couple extra. 😉

Hopefully we’ll have this figured out and operational before we go, then my neighbor can just swing by long enough to see that everyone is a live and pecking.  If not, I’m not sure what she could do about it, but…

Now to figure out a mega-feeder…