You know, the one in the kitchen, as opposed to the one in the garage.  And quite opposed to either freezer in the garage or basement.  Finding specific food around here requires a treasure map, sometimes…

We have now figured out the problem:  It is a zombie fridge.  Once mostly dead, now alive, but kinda not really.  Like a real life zombie (photo at link, parental discretion advised), it can be coerced into simple tasks.  Mainly: we peer in, notice it’s not the right temperature, and give a whack to the panel where the little dials are.  Then the compressor starts up again.


My cousin says that’s hard on a compressor, but agrees with us that it’s the thermostat switch thingy up behind that panel.  Sears wants a mere $67 for the part.  Oh, but they don’t carry it locally, they can ship it.  For $15.95.  *choke*  Yes, it’s cheaper than another refrigerator, but sheesh.  I asked the gal on the phone if they were planning to deliver it by limousine.  She wasn’t amused.  I did get the part number from her, and went to work searching for other options.  HVAC Cousin told me I needed to get the exact part, so I started googling.  I found the part at several sites cheaper than the Sears servicepeople, and the shipping was reasonable too.  For $50, plus $7 shipping, I ordered it.

Of course, had I remembered a couple hours earlier, I wouldn’t have had to wait until Monday for it to ship.  I guess I’ll be whacking my zombie fridge all week while Hubby is gone.