Back when we had snow, and not just mud, Big Sister was so excited to make snowmen.  She’s tried several times, but we never had the “good, sticky, snowman-snow.”  At Grandma’s, she borrowed some gloves and went out to make Grandma a snowman.  Grandma loved it, and I thought it was very well done, with arms and pebble-eyes to boot.  She even formed him a snow-hat, which you can almost see in the picture.

My favorite, though, was when Hubby was still working full-time hours, and she wanted to make a surprise for him.  She worked outdoors in the twilight before coming to say it was ready:

She made three small snowmen in the driveway “for Daddy to run over when he gets home.”  Who needs boys, when you have girls who think like that?! 🙂
I didn’t even begrudge the organic carrot she adorned one with.
(And yes, Daddy happily plowed his Dodge 3500 HEMI service truck through them when he arrived. 🙂 )