My gas budget doesn’t cover two trips to the library each week, it seems. That, or I need the Camry back just for evening jaunts into town.

The library is open some night until 9:00 p.m. I’ve moved my typical Thursday errands to Wednesday nights. To hinder homeschool a bit less, and to do it without all four angels in tow. This Wednesday just Baby and I went, though I’ve taken Big Sister along (it went ok) once and also Little Artist (it went less than ok – the girl needs her bed at 8:00, and 10:30 just doesn’t cut it). First we hit Costco, because they close at 8:00. Then the library, because they close at 9:00, then other stores with later or no closing times. Whew.

In any case, I went to the library Wednesday to return 2 dozen books (there were several I hadn’t rounded up yet, and some I didn’t want to let go. Addicted much?), and found the drive-thru bins nearly overflowing. I drove around to the front, figuring to pack them in with me and Baby, only to find the placed closed in observance of Veteran’s Day! I was able to enter the foyer to return the books, but all my holds and my browsing list lingered alone.

I was so let down. I’d been all geared up to cozy into bed with Baby and a book[stack] or two, and I had to go without. And really, Veterans? Are you honored by the library closing for the day? Do you feel better appreciated when new books cannot be checked out? I’m curious about that. I don’t know that it would do anything for me, personally, but…

So – LUCKILY (imagine, me saying that) I had to go to town again today to pick up my Azure stuff, so of course we went to the library (after locating 11 more things I *was* ready to return, plus one I wasn’t but someone *else* had the audacity to request it). Ah, it’s really enjoyable, yeah? They have a wheelchair ramp – which works for my sit-n-stand double stroller, and a good 9 books were on hold for me.

And let me just take this moment to thank God for the kind of technology that lets me browse the ‘shelves’ from home, put in my ‘order’, and have the items sitting there sporting a slip of paper with my name printed on it (ok, so it’s my mother-in-law’s name, but they’re practically identical..), just waiting to be brought home… Thank you, God.

So, this time, there’s probably less than 38, but many are big and thick and take up more space, so it only SEEMS like a lot. And I have things about Montessori-style education, and homeschooling families, and photography, and photoshop Elements 5 for Dummies (and I use version 6 or 7, so that makes it even more ‘dummy,’ I suppose), and dog obedience training, and kid stuff, and Ben Stein’s “Expelled” DVD and…

PLUS, there is a little glassed-in room full of board books and wooden puzzles and a couple upholstered benches (I don’t think I could go so far as to call them couches) where I can let Organique loose (a little bit) and nurse the baby and I only have to threaten violence sometimes when Organique opens the sliding glass door/wall and escapes into the next glass room over… But oh, it is nice.

PLUS, plus, I filled out little request forms for books like Family Feasts for $75/week, Fit & Fabulous in Fifteen Minutes/day, Fit for Real People, and Fix, Freeze, Feast, and the first 3 are already showing on my hold list as “on order.” Interesting choice of titles, huh? Maybe next week I’ll give them my “G” list.

And I got the apron book last week (and already made an apron from it)! Turns out, my FRIEND had it, and doesn’t want me to squeal on her that her library-employed *sister* was renewing it for her.

And I suppose I won’t squeal on her for that, as long as she doesn’t tell her *sister* that I’m bootlegging my in-law’s library card… 😉