Gi-gi is improving. We’re so thankful.

Monday she was doing well enough that the doctor surmised that she might well go home Tuesday. Tuesday he checked her, and found a patch on her arm where the skin was peeling, almost like a burn. He added another antibiotic to the regimen and said he’d hold on to her for a day or two more. Since being off the pain medication, she’s making sense and telling stories about the hallucinations she had on Vicodin. Hallucinations? I’m not sure if I wish I’d known that when she was here or not. Poor thing; we just left her alone to “recover” – a.k.a. “hallucinate” in the quiet of her room. Yikes!

Hubby is leaving this afternoon; nearly a day earlier than we’d planned. My uncle and he have planned a motorcycle-focused trip, and somehow, in my pregnancy fog, I decided it would be nice for him to be able to go away for 4 days. And leave me home. With a newborn. And other kids. During the fair. Until Big Sister’s Birthday. *choke* What was I thinking? Apparently I wasn’t, and he’s unwilling to change those plans now. 🙂 No elephant ears this year, and I *desperately hope* he gets back Sunday in time to celebrate with our oldest. I also *desperately hope* to be able to homeschool, clean, bake a cake, shop, care for Baby and stuff a pinata by myself by then. Oh, and peaches are ready to pick at the orchard tomorrow. And Hubby needs new pants. Today. Before he leaves.

Which means I better get to town…