Thursday afternoon I came to a realization, more or less. I was losing some ground in my efforts to ‘get back on my feet.’ Whether it was the real, physical efforts both in the household and with Gi-gi, or the emotional stress of those (probably a combination), I decided to speak further with a friend who had suggested we work towards getting Gi-gi home. I was a little worried; I didn’t want Gi-gi to feel like we were throwing her out, or anything like that. I had already offered a time or two to take her home if she would be more comfortable there, and to arrange people to help take her for her last IV treatments at her local hospital. She’d always refused, probably more concerned about the hassle to us.

When I told her that some friends of hers were working out the details of coming to get her, she was really grateful. And I was so glad she wasn’t offended. Not that much offended her on hydrocodone; even the homeschooling comments and talk-radio bashing ceased completely!

Friday afternoon was the planned pickup, so we still had a morning appointment to keep at the hospital. The friends had been in touch with the doctor, and we were trying to get her care transferred. The doctor had already gotten back the test results, and MRSA it wasn’t! It tested positive as “Group A Strep.” Most of us baby-bearers are familiar with the late-term testing for “Group B Strep” before we deliver our babies, and I’m not sure if they’re related, but for the record I tested negative for Group B Strep.

I helped Gi-gi get dressed and got everyone loaded up. In the dim light of her room it didn’t look like the infection had gotten any further up her arm. In the bright light of the Outpatient IV room, it proved to have spread some, but not nearly-double as in previous nights. Because of the proof of diagnosis, the doctor changed the antibiotic order to something different, and told her she needed to be hospitalized, because the treatment necessary was IV penicillin (or similar) several times per day. She still didn’t like that idea.

While she had her treatment, I hurried to the midwife to pick up more of my pregnancy tea. And the IV Lady told her she needed hospitalization. Probably at the doctor’s behest. She warned that this infection could easily result in the loss of a limb, or if it got into her blood, could do serious damage to her heart. She told me of this over the phone as I was driving back to get Gi-gi, and said she thought she’d convinced her.

Between the friends, my uncle, and others, they arranged to take Gi-gi straight to the hospital in her city. It wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked it to be, and in fact it has bothered me very much, but they had to admit through the ER, waiting several hours to see the doctor there. Gi-gi’s ob/gyn who is her friend’s daughter had “gotten the ball rolling” for her admission, or so I had thought, but perhaps I misunderstood. I sure wish I’d had her admitted at our local hospital, then transferred, or seen if the local doctor could’ve sent the orders to Gi-gi’s hospital. *sigh* Apparently, though, it wasn’t near as hard on the old lady on vicodin as it was on the dear friends who sat and waited with her.

I have’t heard today how things are going. The ER doctor apparently suggested that she’d be “home by tomorrow” (which would be today), and while that seems a little scary to me, I do hope they’re watching carefully and taking good care of her. I’m sure far better care than we managed here. :[

I was so surprised at how I felt after they had picked her up and everyone had gone. I suddenly was just so exhausted. I guess I’d been in “survival mode,” just getting through each hour, each day up to that point. I washed dishes and started laundry and tried to get to know my house again. 🙂

Today I’m still tired – Organique kept climbing out of her crib until about 11 pm (she’d had a late nap), and disciplining her so much and so late was a challenge! I’d had to do the same with naptime, and eventually gave up and nursed Baby in the room with her, warning her to stay in, and laying Baby down and dealing with her each time she climbed out anyway. I figure we must win these small (big?) battles now, or else…! Baby let me sleep 1 1/2 hours at a time again, and Big Sister got sick in the night and threw up – OVER the rail of her bunk and right onto the carpet! That chore still awaits my attention. Hubby was going to bring up the shop vac, but got called out to a couple service calls. I’m washing everything Gi-gi used or slept on in hot water today, and will have ot use the hot dryer as well. At least today isn’t into the 90’s.

Thank you for your prayers for Gi-gi. I hope to hear and report good news and recovery soon!