Well, the doc said to call and come in again today if Gi-gi wasn’t “significantly improved.” In fact, this morning she was “significantly worse.” She’s swollen from her knuckles to her bicep now, and based on the lack of response from the injected and oral antibiotics, I’m guessing MRSA is a reasonable diagnosis.

I called the doctor at 8:30, tied Gi-gi’s shoes, buttoned her shirt (I didn’t let her even change from her pajama pants – the doc said “come now!”), got the remaining children out of bed (didn’t brush their hair), fed them a piece of cheese each, and got everyone in the van. So glad I have a van. *sigh*

The doctor was delayed, after some guy had a seizure in the waiting area (take note: if you ever want immediate attention at the doctor’s office, try that), but he wasn’t happy with what he saw, so told her to go stay at the hospital for a few days. She wouldn’t, so they compromised with outpatient therapy. IV antibiotics once a day for 5 days. We went straight there, and I decided that carrying a newborn, pushing a stroller with a 2-year-old, and keeping the others out of traffic is a big job. Pushing a wheelchair in addition is TOO much. I’m thankful for the “transport” guys at the hospital.

Once we got Gi-gi settled, we slowly made our way back to the van and found them some breakfast (lunch). We went to my mother-in-law’s house to eat and use the bathroom. The outpatient services called 20 minutes earlier than they had expected to, and we rushed out to get Gram. We stopped at the Kawasaki dealership to pick up an oil filter (priorities, right?) on the way home for Hubby.

Since Baby slept in 2-hour stints last night, I’m about as sensible as Gi-gi doped up on Vicodin, though my speech is a little clearer. Gi-gi is resting, and I might do the same if I can get Organique to settle down. What a week for her to learn how to escape her crib…