***Please read to the end.***

I’ll try to toss *something* interesting into this post, since you’re all tired of hearing, “no, nothing yet”. I know I’m tired of saying it, and living it.

I was nearly hopeful last night; for a couple hours I was having some contractions, but they’d stop when I sat down. I walked for a full weekend once, because someone told me that would work, and my daughter still wasn’t born for several more days. Why wear myself out, right?

Tomorrow is supposed to bring some T-storms through, and much cooler weather again, and I’m hopeful. Last week I had some regular contractions during similar weather, and it was likely brought on by the barometric pressure change. Too bad my dad hasn’t bought his plane; he could fly here instead of drive and give me a ride to help things along, right?

My mom is still a few hours away, but they’re finally on their way here. Tomorrow my dad is set to arrive with my cousin, whose purpose was supposed to be helping wrangle kiddos while my mom cooked stuff to keep us going while I recovered. I suppose that might still work.

I’m thinking about posting some “rules” somewhere. Rules for everyone’s safety. Things like,

  • Do NOT tell the pregnant lady to ‘hurry up and have that baby.’ If it were that easy and up to her, it would be done long since.
  • Do NOT ask her why she hasn’t had the baby yet. Don’t you think she’d love to know herself?
  • Do NOT ask her what’s for dinner. Again, these rules are for your well-being.
  • Do NOT make her feel guilty if she asks you all to leave the house for a bit so she can have the baby in peace and solitude. She loves you all, she just needs alone-ness.
  • Do NOT make her feel bad (or worse) if you all have to leave town before the baby arrives. After all, you only have a road-trip with nothing to show for it. She will have had at least an extra 9 days of swollen ankles, achy everything, and carrying an extra 45 pounds everywhere she goes. AND another half-pound or more of baby to look forward to delivering.

Ok, now for the part where I’m not complaining or grumbling (is it possible, you ask?):

These are the gifts I made for my sister-in-law’s baby shower a few weeks back. I bought a package of plain onesies and used my favorite sewing machine to ’embroider’ her first name on one, and her initials on another. Yes, her name will be “Paisley.” 🙂

I also made a pair of little cloth shoes. Out of “paisley” material, of course.

***As I was uploading those photos, my mother-in-law called. My sister-in-law, who is due on Monday, is being induced starting now due to elevated blood pressure. Her cervix isn’t even close to being “ripe,” so it’s going to be a long haul, starting with the cervix-softening stuff, followed by pitocin in the wee hours tomorrow. PLEASE pray for her, and little Paisley.

*That her body would respond well, and that things would go as smoothly and naturally as possible, given the circumstances.

*That she and her husband would lean heavily on the Lord, and come through this with strengthened faith and trust in Him.

*That fear would have no place in the situation.

*That the doctors and nurses would be wise and sensitive to what is needed, medically or otherwise.

*That Paisley’s arrival would be safe for both her and her Mama.

Thank you.