Trying not to pace like a caged animal.

The girls lost part of my snap press, halting a project I was working on.

I’ve been finding some great pattern alteration techniques and tutorials for making nursing wear (which I’ve never had, and would like to try out). BUT – I don’t have enough of any suitable fabric to give it a go, which makes me a little cranky. I’m starting to eye the bedsheets and table linens…

I had about 1 1/2 contractions this morning. Do you think that means anything?

My mom delayed her arrival by a day, then another when my neice spiked a fever. They’ll head this direction tomorrow, unless something else derails things. I’d like to greet my weekend guests with a baby in hand, not in womb. Otherwise I’ll have to kick a houseful of people out for the event, and the grief I imagine I’ll garner makes me hyperventilate. OR, send them all home Monday, with no baby present, and the grief I imagine I’ll garner for that makes me hyperventilate.

Next time I’m not telling anyone I’m pregnant. Not until, like, 6 weeks after my due date. I should have something to show for it then, right?

Still praying for deliverance,