I’m about to break a fairly strict rule I keep on this blog. Aside from really little ones, I don’t post current pictures of my girls. Or me, but that’s an entirely self-image-related issue.

In any case, get ready, because this is your chance to see one of mine in all her glory. Ahem.

I heard a knock at the door last week. I knew it was one of the girls, who had been out playing, and between my minuscule center-of-gravity and the obstacle course that is the laundry in the hallway, I was reluctant to answer it. I decided to humor her, whoever she was, and when I opened the door, I saw this:

Please don’t ask about the potty seat on the front step, or why that weed burner hasn’t been put to good use where it sits.

Oh my. Can you say “Bob Marley?”

Does the twinkle in her eye tell you which one she is?