Remember last week, when I left my wallet in a parking lot and nearly got a speeding ticket?

I’m glad to say I avoided *both* of those scenarios today, thankyouverymuch.

Though I did forget to buy gas, until my gas light was on. I was in town, though, so that wasn’t too dangerous. I went to a gas station that offered “pay at the pump for a carwash”, filled the tank ($45 worth!), and was perplexed when it never offered me a carwash. Especially since my kids have been harassing me about washing our van since we got it. I pushed the little ‘speak to attendant’ button, and she brought me my receipt, and instructed me to go through the drive-up window for the carwash (yes, the convenience store has a drive-thru. But you can’t buy liquor or lottery tickets through it…[huh? the liquor I understand, but…]). This I did, got my “code” and crossed to the carwash. It was a touch-free, but I got the “works” and the kids enjoyed the many times the high-powered spray rounded our van. And the prewash, and the undercarriage, and the ‘hot wax,’ and whatever. I inched out through the blow-dryer, and noticed something in my side mirror.

My fuel door.

Sticking out.

Not closed.


Sure enough, in my trying to figure out why the gas pump wouldn’t sell me a car wash, I had forgotten to replace the gas cap. I might’ve said, “Aw, crap” again.

I pulled into the 90-degree shade by the vacuums, turned off the engine, and called my husband. He wasn’t sure if the tank might need drained or not (are you kidding? I haven’t gone to Costco, but I’ve bought a bunch of clearance dairy stuff which is sitting in ice in a plastic table cloth in the back. Oh please, Lord…), because there was definite moisture inside the neck of the gas-tank-thingy. I asked if we should call our mechanic, and he agreed, so I hunted down a phone book (I actually waddled up to the same drive-thru window. It was nearest, and the kids were in the van, ok?), and called him. You know you have an honest mechanic when he responds to your inquiry about draining the fuel tank with the suggestion to stop by the auto parts store for a bottle or two of Heat. He didn’t think I had “more than a quart, maybe” in there, and was far less worried about it than I was.

So. “Washing” the inside of my fuel tank this week, getting off for an extra stop and $7.40. Leaving my wallet in a parking lot last week, retrieving it without any loss. Getting stopped by a cop and coming within a hair of a BIG fine, but getting only a warning. I didn’t tell you about overdrafting my checking account several hundred dollars a few weeks ago. Discovered by accident that my bank will automatically pull money from my savings account to cover it.

What is with all this? Is God trying to teach me something? Like, I have no brain? Or that He’ll save me from myself? That I am (very) weak (minded) and He is strong?

Or that I should be put in a padded cell for the last month of pregnancy?