As of yesterday, my Granny was great-grandma to SEVEN great-granddaughters. My 3, my brother’s 1, 2 cousins each had one… until one of them had their second girl this past weekend. No boys in the bunch (although one of the cousins had had a stillborn boy some years back).

The other cousin (who’d had the stillbirth) had her baby early this morning, and IT’S A BOY!

I’m somewhat amazed, myself. I wasn’t sure it would happen. 🙂 Now, there are still no boys with the same last name as Granny (she had 2 sons, 2 grandsons, but so far they have girls), but at least there’s a Y chromosome in the lineup now!

His name is Liam Daniel.

His parents aren’t believers, in any sense, but I praise God for his safe arrival, and pray that God might draw them all to His heart in time.