This is NOT what you will find in YouTube’s “urban exploration” stuff.  I don’t think we have any of that available out here.
Call this Rural Exploration, I suppose.  Not far from here, just near a fish hatchery and a country club, is this little gem tucked back in a hollow.  Hubby always wanted to check it out, and one afternoon he did.

Once upon a time I’d have looked upon something like this and dreamed of ‘fixing it up’ and living pioneer-style in it.  Pioneer-style is right, but I appreciate my dishwasher and … floor too much, now that I have little ‘uns.

But hey, it has a basement!

And I suppose you could drag this back indoors and bake up a loaf of bread?

Maybe not…

THIS, though, could be redone into a root cellar, no?  Of course, it looks like it has plenty of ‘roots’ in it as is…
Amazing what people once accomplished with their own two hands, digging and piling rocks, felling trees, things like that.
And of course, a handy lack of building codes, permits, zoning, regulations and other government annoyances. 🙂