Who’s tired of my fall-themed photos?  Who thinks I should get with the program and transfer pictures a little more often?  I know, I know.  I’m sorry.  I haven’t been running on all cylinders (or neurons) this winter.
But I just really enjoy those late-fall, early-winter festivities (by March, obviously, the cold and dreariness is a little old), and if I don’t share them here, they won’t be shared at all.  So there you go.

I did some baking for Thanksgiving, some pies to auction at church, some to share at the in-laws, and some to keep at home.

Defrosting peaches for a pie… or ten.
I made a huge batch of pie crust, and baked them all wrongly:See?

The chickens didn’t mind.

And I think I made enough stuffing…
Nothin’ like a ‘feathered’ friend for dinner:

After packing up some pies for the church auction, these were still hanging around.  Pumpkin, peach, and pecan.  Mmmm…

Pies and ponies.