These are my new dishes:

Ok, so like my “new” sewing machine, the adjective is relative.  They are a (fairly old) set of Corelle plates (several), bowls (lots of bowls!), tiny bowls (a few), tiny plates, medium plates (a few), and I think I gave away a few mugs.  These were my grandpa’s, and he died in early November.  Technically, they were his late wife’s, I think, and she passed away over 10 years ago.  I’m not sure how ‘new’ these are after all. 🙂
But I love them.  They sit so snugly on the shelf, with such a nice, low profile.  There is no gold edging to entertain the kids when Daddy puts them in the microwave.  We *have* broken one already (in many, many tiny and oddly-shaped pieces!), but there are plenty left.  We are blessed to have these.  Plus, the price was right. 🙂