I think I mentioned we were thinking about upgrading our vehicle.  We’re not exactly ready to go shopping or anything, but this is the vehicle I want.  It’s a 2005 Toyota Sienna.  Do I feel bad about buying wanting a foreign car in this economy?  Not with the way the UAW is acting.  I’m guessing they’re already getting a share of my $$ (and my kids’ $$, and my grandkids’ $$…).  

Why this one?  Well, this and the Honda Odyssey have long been the front-runners in this category for many reasons, but my perusal of Consumer Reports’ buying guide clinched it, as did the following option:

This is a view of the optional middle-bench available, making it an 8-passenger total vehicle.  See the little runners on the floor in front of the skinny middle seat?  You can scoot that seat far forward.  They advertise that as handy to put an infant carrier in (and therefore nearer to mama, blah blah blah).  *I* see it as a fantastic solution to whichever child is in need of the most discipline on a long road trip. 🙂  Ok, I’m mostly kidding.
No, we don’t hate our Camry.  In fact, we’re going to greatly miss Mary Jane, but my kids just keep on growing, and as big as the trunk is, I’d rather not haul the Green Monster for visits to the grandparents.  As easy as it would be to run out and grab the first roomier vehicle we come across, we’re waiting on God to work out the details and lead us to the right vehicle (and boy, we *hope* this is the kind!) in His timing.