AND to my hopefully-almost-born niece, in Frigid Fargo…

This morning my two oldest brought me a cookie sheet lined with a towel, and atop it was half a mug of lukewarm tea, a handful of raw almonds, a nice, yellow (not bruised at all, which are the ones I usually end up with!) banana, an orange, “with the peel already started,” and a handful of baby carrots. How sweet is that!

THEN, I asked the Little Artist if she would remove the toys from the laundry basket to the toy box, and then empty the dryer into the basket. I think I asked her this one time. Next thing I saw, she had the empty basket by the dryer. I was amazed! Usually there are a dozen requests/reminders, sometimes worse, before she complies. Other times she’s a delight and delights in pleasing me. I thanked her for doing things as I had asked (it turned out the dryer was empty anyway), and went back to cleaning the toilet (I know, it’s my birthday but I didn’t manage to clean them all yesterday). When I emerged from the bathroom, the dryer was running and the washer was empty… The dryer was set exactly right, and there were no wet socks or other things left in the washer or lost between that and the dryer. My four-year-old can ‘switch the laundry!’ That is a wonderful birthday present indeed.