Hubby has been using his time off for, um, some serious productivity.


One of his pastimes lately has been watching the antics of this guy, out of Canada. He’s got an entire YouTube channel, and does some crazy stuff. I can’t recommend much of it; I’ve seen a few clips with poor language, but the scary part is that Hubby is feeling… inspired.

Watch it again, and tell me if there’s anyone in the driver’s seat. Hubby thinks that it’s rigged for the, uh, passengers, to be operating it.

I sorely wanted to show you Hubby’s favorite plan, but unfortunately the ‘cameramen’ for those clips have really bad language, and I don’t think you can strip the audio from YouTube clips (can you?). The guy chopped an 80s pontiac right behind the front seats, and made a “3 wheel half car”… Two front wheels, the engine, dash, and front windows.. and then nothing. No backseat, trunk, or rear wheels. He mounted a third wheel on a spring right between the front seats (well, he removed the passenger seat. No takers, I bet.), and this thing is crazy. Hubby wants to turn my old Toyota Celica into one! *gulp* When he hits the brakes, the thing tips forward to it’s front bumper. When he reverses quickly, it does the same, with the rear wheel way up in the air before it comes bouncing down. It is the weirdest thing to watch…

Thank God that when Hubby has time on his hands, he lacks $$ right? šŸ™‚