UPDATE: Wow, Annie! Thanks! That’s so amazing… Apparently Google can translate… loosely. See below..

I really want to knit this darling baby cap. I have the yarn (I think). I have the needles (I think).

If only I could read.


I’ll post the ‘translated’ knitting instructions below. And then sigh again, because I *still* don’t know that I can read it. πŸ™‚

A debut hat, but you also can enlarge something good and also for a baby of 6 months can use. The MΓΌtzlein is wonderful in the fit, especially among Kaputzen. It can be easy for a girl with a ruffle, or simply leave it for a boy.

Material: Sockenwollreste (about 20g), or any other soft wool, matching needles to

Here you go:

  • 66 meshes hit (um, ‘cast on 66 stitches?’)
  • 4 Rows curly right knit (from the picture maybe it means garter stitch?)
  • Hole 1 series work: * 1Mre, 2M re knit together, 1 envelope * Repeat until all meshes are exhausted (Grasping at straws here… it’s a hole row… k1, k2tog, yo (yarn over)???)
  • 3 rows right curly (right curly indeed…?)
  • Now begins the “heel”: it will be shortened series worked, at the end of a series of 1 mesh are left. If 22 mesh in the middle are left are 2 rows on all mesh knit. Now starting from the middle 22 rows of mesh knit extended again. Here at each end of a mesh of the closed mesh to accept. The principle of the heel is well explained. (….Huh? None of this is well-explained…)
  • If all mesh knitted back, nor 8 rows curly right knit. (Are these instructions? They don’t seem like it.)
  • Verstechen threads and the “gap” between the first and last (Krause) close ranks (I’m pretty sure this is a quote from an old WWII movie…)
  • An air mesh chain of about 40cm in length and crochet by the hole series draw. That is the connecting band for the cap. (I think this means crochet a chain and draw it through the holes for a tie.)
The size of the cap can vary quite simple – you just need a larger number of mesh hit.

Well, okay… I’m off to Mesh Hit!