Not that “good” was/is really an option this election, but it’s definitely looking like the worse possibility is upon us.

But, America has weathered terrible outcomes before. Woodrow Wilson comes to mind, with his ‘civilian militia’ helping inform on their neighbors. People were actually imprisoned for “speaking against the administration” in their own homes. Obama has referred to a civilian militia of sorts, “as big, well organized, well funded” as the military. I wonder what he has in mind for them to do?

It’s finally becoming widely recognized that FDR did more to intensify and prolong the Great Depression than anything else. His big, giant, fascistic government-is-all acted like everyone’s trials would be resolved by government involvement, and did the opposite. Like the woman at the Obama rally who breathlessly gushed about how she ‘never thought this day would come,’ but she was so excited that she wouldn’t have to worry about putting gas in her car or paying her mortgage anymore. Will she turn on her savior when he can’t keep those promises? Or will she continue in the faith, blaming someone else when she gets foreclosed upon?

While I’ve often lamented ‘how can this even be a close election? Has anyone even read the Constitution?’ I am also heartened that it’s ‘close’. After all, few can deny that all major media outlets have been SO slanted in Obama’s favor that it’s not even humorous. With two years of such widespread, repetitive support, it’s only reasonable that the less-informed (and less-motivated-to-be-informed) would swing that direction. And looking at the subscription rates of celebrity magazines and the viewership of American Idol, there’s a lot of people waiting to be told what is cool (I’m sorry if you read People or watch American Idol. I’m just illustrating a point).

In addition to the weight the media has given Obama’s side, there is the financing issue. Of course, you might not know about that either, given the media’s hush-up about it, but the now-historic fact is, Obama’s the first presidential candidate since before I was born to reject public financing (and it’s limitations) for his campaign. Privately, he’s raised an incredible amount (he’s also spent an incredible amount). Much of it from highly suspect sources (fake names, unapproved credit cards, foreign support, etc) too.

And in case record funding and 200,000 journalists campaigning for you isn’t enough to put you over the top, there is always ACORN and the incredible amount of fraudulent registrations and voters. There are people using park benches as addresses, there are people voting in several counties, there are out-of-state visitors voting where they shouldn’t, there are the “vote from home” participants, voting in their home state and again via absentee in a battleground state.

It’s a miracle he’s not getting 80% of the popular vote.

So, now that I’ve made peace and found the rationale for such an irrational outcome, there’s just one last decision for a red-stater like me to make:

Have more babies, buy more guns, or both? 🙂